Trouble....  The bad condenser needed changing.  Five minutes later, away we go. And yes,

it was the condenser.  I think I'm going to make my own from scratch. It should be at least as

good as the junky repros.  It might be a good trick to know how to do in the middle of nowhere.


Back on the highway, it's a long rainy road home.



If it looks like cheap gasoline, guess again.

  That's per litre.  A gallon is $4.82

All said and done, the average fuel consumption was an honest 20 miles per gallon. 

Glad the high speed rearend gears worked.  My son and I calibrated the speedo with GPS

so when I tell you it did 65 in a test run, IT REALLY DID. 




Hope you enjoyed the little show and tell.


Ron Klein

1208 Pike Court

Juneau, Alaska 99801

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